Board of Directors

Our Board comprises a diverse group of dedicated leaders who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to guide our organization. Each member is committed to our mission and plays a crucial role in shaping our strategic direction, ensuring financial sustainability, and overseeing our operations. Meet the visionary individuals who help us achieve our goals and drive positive impact in our community.


Ed Outside Photo

Edward R. di Girolamo

Executive Director

With over four decades of leadership in design, manufacturing, construction, and software development, Mr. di Girolamo stands out as a visionary and innovator. As founder and CEO of The Steel Network, Inc., Applied Science International, LLC, and Extivita, LLC, his pioneering work spans from revolutionizing steel construction with patented safety innovations to advancing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for brain injuries and other conditions.

Under his leadership, these entities have seen groundbreaking advancements, notably in structural engineering software and HBOT, enhancing both industry standards and patient care. Mr. di Girolamo’s approach to leadership is deeply rooted in teamwork, humility, and a commitment to service, underscored by his advocacy for veterans’ well-being and his honors, including the Secretary of Defense’s Freedom Award.


  • Military Service: U.S. Navy Active Duty (1975-1978), Seabee Reserves (1978-1981)
  • Education: B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from New York State University at Buffalo

His career and leadership are driven by a philosophy of using innovation and teamwork to serve others, making him a respected and transformative figure in every field he touches.

Trish Mueller Employee Photo

Patricia "Trish" F. Mueller, CPA, Treasurer


Patricia “Trish” F. Mueller is a Certified Public Accountant with over 25 years of public accounting experience and 20 years in private industry. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Trish holds dual degrees in Accounting and Business Administration and has been a licensed CPA since 1999.

Her career has been marked by significant roles as a partner, auditor, and tax preparer in various accounting firms, where she has developed a robust understanding of financial systems and regulations. This expertise makes her a valued advisor across multiple sectors. Trish also brings two decades of financial management experience within private industry, enhancing business operations and success.

Community Engagement: Trish is actively involved in her community, contributing her time and skills to nonprofit organizations. She has held the role of Treasurer for various boards, supporting causes like Christian daycare and early childhood education. She was also a founding member of a local church in 2003.

Personal Life: Married for over 35 years, Trish is a mother of two daughters and a doting grandmother. Her personal life is deeply rooted in family values, which she prioritizes alongside her professional commitments.

Trish’s blend of professional acumen and community dedication showcases her commitment to excellence and integrity in all aspects of her life.

Steven Scoba Employee Photo

Steven Scoba


With a comprehensive background in marketing, operations, and strategic leadership, Steven Scoba brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Secretary. As the Chief Operating Officer at The Steel Network, Inc. (TSN), he oversees operations and implements strategic initiatives to enhance efficiency and business growth. Prior to this, Steven served as Director of Marketing and Chief of Staff at TSN, where he directed marketing efforts for TSN and its subsidiaries, driving comprehensive strategies that significantly enhanced brand visibility and business growth.

Steven’s early career includes significant roles in marketing and business development at Applied Science International, LLC, where he engaged with industry professionals to promote specialized structural engineering services. He has also managed all aspects of media design and marketing activities in previous positions, showcasing his ability to lead cross-functional teams and develop effective marketing campaigns.

Steven holds a Master of Fine Art from Full Sail University and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Delaware. His dedication to community service is evident through his volunteer work as a board member for Boy Scout Troop 405 and HBOT4Heroes, supporting initiatives for Veterans with TBI and PTSD. Steven has also served on the board of several non-profits and began his career working at organizations including AmeriCorps, Easter Seals, and Crossroads for Kids.

Steven’s extensive experience and commitment to service make him a valuable asset to the board, where he continues to contribute his expertise and leadership to support the organization’s mission.

Dr. Edward Fogarty

Dr. Edward Fogarty

Board Member

After graduating from the University of Chicago, Fogarty received his medical degree from UNMC and completed radiology residency at Creighton. As Chair of Radiology at the University of North Dakota he advanced multiple innovations in clinical imaging and medical education. Fogarty’s neuroimaging collaboration with Professor of Emergency Medicine Paul Harch, MD at LSU has validated hyperbaric medicine protocols for the reversal of subacute and chronic neurological injury, including dementia. In 2020, Dr. Fogarty received a Federal CARES ACT Grant to implement countermeasures against COVID19 based on the work of Central Alumnus Albert Crum, MD published in the journal Antiviral Research. Search “Hyperbaric Eden” for an Eagle’s view of Fogarty’s best medical photojournalism.

Dr. Figueroa

Dr. Xavier A. Figueroa, Ph.D

Board Member

Xavier A. Figueroa, Ph.D. is a graduate from the University of California at Davis, having completed and received his Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in 1994.  He received his doctorate in Neurobiology and Behavior from the University of Washington in Seattle, in the School of Public Health at the Department of Toxicology and Environmental Health in 2003.  Dr. Figueroa completed two post-doctoral fellowships in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Washington in Seattle, his last fellowship working in the laboratory of Professor Gerald Pollack researching the biophysics of interfacial water.  Since 2010, Xavier has worked in the private sector, researching the clinical effects of hyperbaric oxygen for the treatment of neurological injuries and in the treatment of PTSD/TBI for active duty and veteran members of the armed services.  Currently, Xavier is affiliated with the biotechnology company Emulate Therapeutics Inc., a company that has developed and pioneered the used of magnetic field therapies to emulate the effects of drugs.  


Kristy Andrews

Kristy Andrews

Development Manager

David Buzzard

David Buzzard

Development Manager


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Steve Sterling

Terry Sharpe

Jim Hooker

Sgt Maj Joseph Houle (Ret)

Karee White

Billy Rickles

Bob Burton

Melissa Spain

Annie Cummings

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David Sella

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