NC HBOT for Veterans Program

North Carolina passed 2019 HB50 which authorized the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to treat NC Veterans with TBI and/or PTSD. HBOT4Heroes has been working closely with the State of North Carolina, The Community Foundation of NC East and Extivita-RTP on the HBOT for Veterans Program. Since then the NC HBOT for Veterans Program has demonstrated an astounding 95% efficacy rate of HBOT among NC Veterans.

The Legislative Report below outlines the results of this program and the funding appropriated to North Carolina Veteran suicide prevention with HBOT. The report includes a detailed description of the protocols, clinic, ANAM testing, and personal testimonials of the Veterans who completed the program. Thanks to this life saving initiative, we have witnessed many Veterans finally break free from the torture of TBI and PTSD. Tears of joy are often shed by our heroes and their families thanks to the healing that only Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can deliver.

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