Overcoming Physical and Mental Challenges with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Joshua Roberts

Lieutenant Colonel USAR, Retired.



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Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Roberts served in the United States Army for 27 years as a combat engineer, infantryman, and Green Beret. His career included numerous deployments and high-stress roles, including working on a Halo Sniper team, where he faced dangerous jumps and IED explosions. These experiences resulted in both physical and mental injuries, leading him to seek effective treatments to regain his well-being.

Hand Tremors:

Joshua experienced hand tremors, particularly in his left hand, which disappeared after starting HBOT. This improvement is crucial for daily functioning and alleviating the frustration associated with uncontrollable tremors.

Auditory Processing and Cognitive Clarity:

Joshua suffered from auditory processing disorder, which caused difficulty in understanding conversations despite wearing hearing aids. HBOT helped lift the brain fog, improving his ability to process auditory information and communicate more effectively with his family. This enhancement in cognitive clarity was significant, reducing the need for repeated communication and frustration for both him and his loved ones.

Pain Relief:

HBOT provided Joshua with a proactive approach to healing the physical damage accumulated over his military career. The therapy helped alleviate physical pain, allowing him to engage in activities like gym workouts, further contributing to his physical rehabilitation.

Mental Health:

Joshua highlighted the importance of HBOT in improving his mental health, reducing the need for medications, and enhancing his interactions with his family. He emphasized the broader implications for the military community, particularly in addressing issues like suicide rates and family breakdowns, which are prevalent among career soldiers.

Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Roberts’ experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy illustrates the therapy’s extensive benefits, addressing both physical and psychological challenges resulting from prolonged military service. His testimonial highlights HBOT’s potential to significantly enhance the quality of life for veterans and their families, advocating for its broader adoption in medical treatment protocols.


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