A Path to Healing: Former Marine Recovers from PTSD and TBI Through HBOT

Mario Martinez

Staff Sergeant USMC, Retired.



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Mario Martinez served 15 years in the Marine Corps, with three deployments overseas, two in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan. Hailing from Arlington, Virginia, his time in service left him with both mental and physical injuries, notably PTSD, stemming from specific incidents and challenging experiences in the field.

Improvement in Memory:

HBOT had a remarkable effect on Mario’s memory. His experiences overseas had a profound impact on his cognitive function, but the therapy led to significant improvements. Mario enthused, “My memory has improved significantly,” attributing this crucial development to HBOT.

Reduction in Anxiety and PTSD Symptoms:

The haunting memories of incidents like a child grabbing a grenade from his gear left Mario always on alert and struggling with anxiety. HBOT offered him relief in this area as well. “Far as anxiety and everything else. Those also even improved. Those improved greatly,” he shared, recognizing the therapy’s comprehensive impact on his well-being.

Greater Recovery Time for Physical Injuries:

Mario’s service left him with physical injuries, including severe migraines and damage from a fall. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy not only helped his brain but also aided his physical recovery. He praised the treatment, saying, “I also have greater recovery time. Each time my injuries would flare up.” This ability to recover more rapidly gave him a new lease on life.

Empowerment and Renewed Desire to Live:

Above all, HBOT gave Mario the ability to enjoy life again, despite the trauma he endured. The clinic and the staff’s support allowed him to keep going, and he credits HBOT with providing the resources to continue on. He firmly stated, “Hyperbaric oxygen therapy does work, and I can’t say anything else really, except that. So all my brothers and sisters out there that are vets, there are other resources out there. You just got to ask for it. We’re always going to be hurting, but at least, you know, you can use this type of resource right here to help me out. So I can continue on another day.”

Mario Martinez’s journey through the HBOT treatment paints a vivid picture of resilience and recovery. The transformation from a state of anxiety, PTSD, and physical suffering to a life filled with hope, reduced pain, and improved mental clarity stands as a testament to the effectiveness of HBOT. Not only did the treatment help him with specific symptoms, but it also provided an overall sense of well-being and enjoyment of life.

Mario’s story offers hope to fellow veterans, encouraging them to seek out the resources available to them and to embrace opportunities for healing. His experience underscores the vital role of treatments like HBOT in helping veterans reclaim their lives after service.


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