Healing the Invisible Wounds: A Marine’s Transformation with HBOT

Robert Dawson

Staff Sergeant USMC, Retired.

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Robert is a Marine who enlisted in the Marine Corps in July 2001 and served in various intense combat situations, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over his career, he participated in Operation Vigilant Resolve in Fallujah and operations in southern Helmand, among others. His time in service was marked by chaotic battles and injuries, including a gunshot wound that eventually led to a hip replacement. He retired in 2015 but struggled with lingering effects of PTSD and TBI.

Mood Regulation and Reduced Agitation:

Robert acknowledged a significant shift in his mood and temperament. He cited specific examples of how he became calmer and less explosive after just a few treatments, saying, “I remember after the first five treatments, actually, I already had noticed a change. […] No problem, right? No problem.” His newfound calm had a profound impact on his family life, allowing for better communication and bonding.

Diminished Symptoms of Tinnitus:

The annoying ringing and muffled sound of tinnitus that Robert suffered from was significantly reduced after HBOT. He explicitly stated, “since the treatment, I haven’t had any of that,” marking an impactful relief from a previously constant annoyance.

Enhanced Neurological Function and Reflexes:
Robert’s treatments led to noticeable improvements in his neurological function, including reflexes and communication between his finger and brain. He noted a distinct sensation and improved performance in cognitive tests, highlighting that he could “feel the communication” that he hadn’t experienced before.

Overall Enhancement in Life Quality:

Robert’s therapy extended beyond his personal healing to affect his family’s daily life positively. His son expressed happiness about increased bonding time, while his wife, a licensed clinical social worker, observed improvements that would have “taken years of work” in a clinical setting. She described the effects as “pretty amazing” and saw the therapy as a valuable tool in trauma therapy.

Robert’s experience with HBOT proved to be a powerful remedy for the invisible wounds he carried from his time in service. Through this therapy, he not only regained control over his mind and body but also reclaimed a peaceful and fulfilling family life. He became an advocate for HBOT, praising its effectiveness, and wished to see it become a standard model of care.

His wife’s professional and personal observations further underscored the therapy’s transformative impact. Together, Robert’s journey paints a compelling portrait of healing, resilience, and hope, offering a potent argument for exploring and expanding the use of HBOT in treating veterans grappling with PTSD and TBI.


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